Sunday, 28 April 2013

Being Free

Are you feeling the new higher vibrational energies coming in? Do you experience moments of feeling more expansive and free? Every single person on the planet is being affected by these glorious energies whether they are fully aware of them or not. It is so exciting!

I was experiencing these feelings the last few weeks but it was only fleeting. I decided I wanted to go deep within and manifest feeling totally free. So many times in the past I have felt 'stuck' and a feeling of waiting for something. It felt like something was going to happen outside of me. It's a 'waiting for a bus' kind of feeling that I had been experiencing for quite some time. Not comfortable or empowering at all.

Ok, I said to myself, enough of this, I will manifest total freedom and expansion in myself by myself. I had fleeting feelings of this in my life and wanted them permanently. We can all manifest anything at all - not just material things. All we have to do is 'ask' or 'intend' something we really want with our heart and soul and let it go. (See the post about how to manifest here)

Once I had let go of asking for this personal transformation, I went about doing what I normally do in my daily life. Soon after I started to get insight instructions pouring into my head; an entire process downloaded into me on how to set myself free.

Process for setting yourself free:

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

changing our bad habits effortlessly

Almost everyone does things that are not in their highest and best interest. What do we do when we want to change them in the most effortless way?

This is the question I asked myself when I decided that I wanted to manifest 'perfect health for me'. Now I know this sounds like a tall order but I just thought, why not?

I love manifesting! It's like being a kid in a candy store. Anything you want you can ask for. Remember, you never know when or how it will happen, but it will. (Read the 5 basic steps to manifesting here).

Once I had let go of my manifestation for perfect health, I just went on doing what I normally do, eating what I usually eat and exercising sporadically. I did not resist doing anything I felt wasn't in my best interest. If I resisted anything I was setting up a battle of wills between my mind and my physical or emotional body and that was not going to get me very far. It is one way to change - by using willpower - but certainly not effortless and can also eventually backfire on you.

We all have many bodies; mental, physical, emotional, spiritual etc. and each seem to have a mind of their own. I knew that to manifest effortlessly all my bodies would have to be on the same page and in alignment. By using manifesting I was also bypassing my mind completely and going right to the divine/my higher self to guide my whole being.

This is what has happened to me with my latest manifestation so far: