Wednesday, 19 June 2013

we are being rewired

It has been a very intense 'inward time' these last couple of weeks which felt very unfamiliar to me.

During this time there was so much I wanted to do, so many blog posts I felt inspired to write and workshops to organize, but some part in me went 'offline' and I could not do anything. Something deep inside me wanted to just be still, integrate and allow everything to flow.

The difficulty was one part of me felt energized and wanted to do things and another part was holding me back. A very confusing time for my mind.

When I intuitively asked for an insight as to what was happening, I received it. I was being guided to rest for a reason and found many others experiencing the same thing.

We are all transforming. With the higher vibrational energies coming in, our bodies are busy being upgraded. Our bodies need major repair work to not only become whole and healed again but go back to our original human design. From 2 stands of DNA to 12 strands. We are going from limited consciousness to fully conscious human beings.

When we install new software in our computers, we aren't able to use it while this is in process. Imagine upgrading a human system and still using it! That is exactly what is happening to us. Somehow we still have to prepare meals, drive, work, look after our children and do our normal day to day things. Quite unbelievable when you think about it.

Hang in there. It will all be worth it. We can't see how it will all work out especially when it seems everything is falling apart around us, but it will. Divine intervention is here and is busy intervening. Each of us came here to assist in some way and we will suddenly 'remember' and know what we have come here to do.

It's messy, painful and intense at the moment (wow, sounds just like giving birth!) but we are transitioning out of a very dark era of humanity and blasting forward to create heaven on earth. Choosing to come here to assist, at this incredibly difficult time, was a very brave decision on our part. What incredible stories, experiences, and wisdom we'll be able to share!