Wednesday, 3 April 2013

changing our bad habits effortlessly

Almost everyone does things that are not in their highest and best interest. What do we do when we want to change them in the most effortless way?

This is the question I asked myself when I decided that I wanted to manifest 'perfect health for me'. Now I know this sounds like a tall order but I just thought, why not?

I love manifesting! It's like being a kid in a candy store. Anything you want you can ask for. Remember, you never know when or how it will happen, but it will. (Read the 5 basic steps to manifesting here).

Once I had let go of my manifestation for perfect health, I just went on doing what I normally do, eating what I usually eat and exercising sporadically. I did not resist doing anything I felt wasn't in my best interest. If I resisted anything I was setting up a battle of wills between my mind and my physical or emotional body and that was not going to get me very far. It is one way to change - by using willpower - but certainly not effortless and can also eventually backfire on you.

We all have many bodies; mental, physical, emotional, spiritual etc. and each seem to have a mind of their own. I knew that to manifest effortlessly all my bodies would have to be on the same page and in alignment. By using manifesting I was also bypassing my mind completely and going right to the divine/my higher self to guide my whole being.

This is what has happened to me with my latest manifestation so far:

I knew intuitively that one of the things I needed to do to improve my health was to give up dairy. I had wanted to give this up for a long time but just couldn't do it. I love cheese! I have been gluten free for two and a half years and feel so much better and knew that giving up dairy was the next step. About a week after I put my manifestation for perfect health in motion, I woke up and suddenly found I didn't want any more dairy. I just looked at a block of cheese and felt no temptation. This had never happened before! I am not even tempted to have yummy gluten free pizza or my partner's delicious homemade macaroni cheese! Even when these foods are in front of me I don't want it. Wow, miraculous. No effort required.

I also found myself suddenly getting up and wanting to jump on our trampoline! We have had one for years and I rarely felt the urge to use it. Now I am using it several times a week and getting a great cardio workout without any discomfort. My mind is nowhere to be found in these changes but just being the observer. This is all happening automatically and effortlessly.

I also realize why patience is a virtue and as I am getting older I am much better at it. I am allowing the unfolding to take place in its own time (however long that takes) and am really excited about my personal transformation. By keeping focus on where I want to go I know I will get there. I am very excited to know that I will have all the energy I need to create all I want to create.

We each have a magic wand within us to manifest anything in our lives. Our wish is our command! Even if you don't really know what it is you want - you can just ask for clarity on that as well. There are no limits. Our passions and joy are our barometer to where we want to go.


  1. wahoo! this is an awesome blog coletta. thank you for sharing your insights. totally inspiring and a great prod in the back to remember to ease up and to be kind to oneself. keep 'em coming...

  2. Beautifull! Love you Colletta for sharing your Inner thoughts and sights