Wednesday, 27 November 2013

completing unfinished business

So many of us are suddenly getting the urge to travel, visit family and friends and reconnect.

So many of us are experiencing a sense of sadness and loss and feel confused.


Energetically there is a push for us to finish any issues that we haven't resolved yet to tie up loose ends. Our old blocked issues and emotions are now being released. These old thoughts and feelings that we resisted and locked away within us are being automatically purged. Anything that is resonating in a low vibration of fear is clearing out.

We may have unresolved issues with people in our lives and feel compelled to visit them or simply long to be with them at this time. This urge can be very profound.

Lots of powerful, uncomfortable emotions are coming up as well. Lots of old thoughts from the past may be suddenly swirling in our heads. Anything we haven't fully dealt with in our lives is coming up and requires our attention. We are looking for closure and a feeling of peace in our hearts, and are longing to do it now.