Sunday, 27 January 2013

A New Year - 2013

Isn't it interesting how things don't often turn out how you think they will? Ah, the mind, how it loves to project into the future and organize the unfolding. Yes, 2012 seemed to be a year of change, but the change appears to have been more on a personal level rather than mainstream news level. But... the world is made up of over 7 billion personal levels!

This is one powerful planet now with people coming together creating a BIG change. They are fed up with the way things have been and want peace, prosperity, and community. Through this massive desire this has now been set in motion, however slowly it may appear to manifest at the moment. In order to create or manifest, we first have a strong desire (unseen) before it comes to fruition in the physical reality (seen). How and when it appears is left to the divine and the wondrous synchronistic unfolding.

No sooner had I felt guided to create a blog in January 2012 to start journaling my many 'incoming' intuitive thoughts or 'thought mail' as I like to call it, when everything became extremely quiet for me. It felt like I went into some kind of a cocoon space and had a deep in-breath, waiting, waiting for something to happen. The feeling was more of being 'off-line' and going deeply inward. I felt like I was in suspended animation much of the time hanging in there for the home stretch to December 21, 2012. Well, we have made it and it was a huge gateway to a higher vibrational level! The outward manifestation of the transformation is unfolding and much of it still unseen.

2013 feels very different for me so far. My intuition is telling me I am coming into my full power now and I feel much more me -  more alive and really present in my body. Such a delicious feeling. I have definitely been plugged back in again and am 'online' but the operating system seems different somehow. 

In 2012 I was constantly intuiting to stay centered, hold my space and 'just wait'. So far in 2013 my whole being is saying 'don't wait, do it now'! It is time for a great out-breath. I feel such a strong sense to do my part in my own way to co-create a wonderful new planet.