Sunday, 28 April 2013

Being Free

Are you feeling the new higher vibrational energies coming in? Do you experience moments of feeling more expansive and free? Every single person on the planet is being affected by these glorious energies whether they are fully aware of them or not. It is so exciting!

I was experiencing these feelings the last few weeks but it was only fleeting. I decided I wanted to go deep within and manifest feeling totally free. So many times in the past I have felt 'stuck' and a feeling of waiting for something. It felt like something was going to happen outside of me. It's a 'waiting for a bus' kind of feeling that I had been experiencing for quite some time. Not comfortable or empowering at all.

Ok, I said to myself, enough of this, I will manifest total freedom and expansion in myself by myself. I had fleeting feelings of this in my life and wanted them permanently. We can all manifest anything at all - not just material things. All we have to do is 'ask' or 'intend' something we really want with our heart and soul and let it go. (See the post about how to manifest here)

Once I had let go of asking for this personal transformation, I went about doing what I normally do in my daily life. Soon after I started to get insight instructions pouring into my head; an entire process downloaded into me on how to set myself free.

Process for setting yourself free:

  1. Sit comfortably in a quiet place and close your eyes.

  2. Take a few deep breaths and place your awareness in your heart centre.

  3. Relax.

  4. With your whole heart and soul and with a powerful intention say the following words silently:

    'Remove all attachments, expectations, and manipulations that others have placed on me'

    Imagine you are unhooking these and sending them back to where they came from. They are not yours but have been projected onto you from others. It does not matter where they came from.

  5. Notice how you feel.

  6. Now make another powerful inner intention:

  7. 'Remove all attachments, expectations and manipulations that I have placed on others'

    Imagine you are unhooking these from others. They are yours, done unknowingly and projected onto others. It does not matter that you did this. There is no judgment.

  8. Ask for divine assistance to clear up any effects these entanglements have had on you and others. This will clean up the projected energies and transmute them.

  9. Repeat this process as often as necessary until you feel the entanglements with others are gone.

  10. You are now set free!

Once I had finished this process I could not believe how different I felt. It was on such a refined feeling level and I felt instant bliss. I did not dwell on any details on what the entanglements were as it does not really matter at this point.

In every relationship, whether it is with our parents, a partner, our children or close friends, we somehow end up unconsciously projecting our expectations onto them or vice versa. We end up not feeling truly free and accepted as who we really are and frustration sets in. Over time this can wear us down and we end up changing for them to keep the peace or just for survival. By using the above process we can effortlessly reverse this and go back to our true selves. No drama involved!


  1. awesome.
    i did it!
    and nothing happened ...
    but then ...

    i had a breakthrough with an interview, a class, a blog,

    thank you dear Colleta, a beauty-full blog

  2. I realize that everyone will feel the effects differently and perhaps not feel the subtle energy shifts or bliss at all. It really is all about the difference in your life afterwards. Well done Sarah!