Sunday, 19 May 2013

Feeling Excited

Are you feeling the excitement in the air?

For just over a week I have felt a huge excitement building up inside of me. My life has not changed in any way externally but my feelings sense something new is happening. This excitement is very powerful and I feel a huge expansion within myself. Suddenly deep desires are opening up within my heart and soul that have been dormant for a very long time.

I am weaving in and out of this and when I don't feel it I just go deep inside and say 'feel excited' and am instantly centered again and the feeling is back.

I am not the only one experiencing this. So many people around me are feeling it too. Everything we have ever dreamed of suddenly seems possible. It feels as if a whole new world has opened up and we are no longer 'stuck'. We are free. Finally.

I am sensing strongly that we are leaving our old world behind and a new one is beginning. Images come to my mind that we are in the process of moving out of our old house. We are saying goodbye to this old place that has been our home for a very long time. Our new house is being prepared for us and we have brief glimpses of what a glorious place it is! We are in between the two. If we attach too much to the old house and the way we used to live it is very uncomfortable. Lots of dramas and emotions. Our intuition knows what is coming up ahead for all of us and the excitement is building.

Daydream. Make images in your mind of your heart's desires. This is a solo journey for each and every soul. Each of us are going through the same thing. Some of us are grabbing onto the rocks to try to stop this flow but we are all going the same way regardless. We just can't see around the corner yet. Follow your inner guidance and feelings of excitement. It is the fastest and most comfortable way to go on this incredible journey.

In our old house the very long running, dark, dramatic 'play' is over. We are completely finished with it. More than finished, actually, as it has become very tedious and boring with the same themes replaying over and over. We cannot even get excited or fearful about the drama anymore and realize now it really is a play.

The curtains are drawn and the audience has gone home. The set is being dismantled. Some of the actors have become so attached to their roles they forgot they were actors and do not want to remove their costumes. They will - give them time.

A new play is beginning and it will be absolutely amazing! No darkness, no duality, and no limitations. A whole new way of being is opening up before us.

Everything we want and more is not only possible but what is supposed to be. We are so much more than we know! All the old ways of living; fear, lack, depression, etc. is ending. We have only been using a very small percentage of our capabilities and this is now being transformed. Our vibration is going up and we are going back to our true heritage of who we really are and what we are truly capable of. Everything we have ever dreamed of and more will be ours.

Just go with it. It's magic.


  1. wahooo! you make me tremor inside my skin!

    1. Thanks, Sarah. Sounds like you are feeling it too!

  2. Love your imagery and insightfulness