Tuesday, 14 May 2013

New Energies are in the Air

I am feeling a huge energetic wave right now that is taking us on a wild ride.

Can you feel it?

Lots of people are going through tremendous upheaval at the moment. So many people are leaving their bodies, relationships, jobs etc. So many emotions and fears are coming up - more than ever before.

We are all being raised vibrationally to such an extent that anything holding us back is being removed. Old patterns of behavior, insecurities, and fears that we may be holding on to are leaving us.  We do not have to do any processes. It is all happening effortlessly through divine intervention so just allow it to happen. If we cling to our old way of being the journey will be most uncomfortable!

If you or others are experiencing great pain or difficulty at this moment just go inside yourself and  consciously choose to stay in your centre to ride it out. Watch the emotions swirl around you but stay in the 'eye of the storm' to have it pass as quickly and comfortably as possible. Even those who choose to leave their bodies right now will continue on their journey. No one will be left behind in this ascension process.

Everyone has free will as to how they handle this period. Just focus on yourself and allow others to go through their transition in their own way. Love them and keep your heart open to them.  Don't react or go into fear if they are affecting you negatively, but do make strong boundaries. Love them from afar if you need to. This uncomfortable, turbulent time will pass.

This 'phase transition' will happen very quickly.

The world around us is very messy at the moment with so much pain and suffering. It seems to be particularly intense and over the top at this time. The old paradigm is thrashing around and in great upheaval and distress that it is losing its' power. It cannot survive this transition. The energy vibration of  duality is far too low.

Heaven on earth is what our hearts long for and that is what is being manifested!

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