Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

we are becoming more self aware
It's been a very emotional roller coaster ride for many of us these last few months. Difficult times but also very exciting.

So many people are finding old issues coming up that they thought they had finished with. So many are suddenly having relationship problems when everything seemed fine before.  Emotions have been running high.

For me I was hit with a sudden wave of powerful emotions that completely threw off my equilibrium. Not only was my mind spinning out and chattering non-stop but my emotional body was all over the place as well. It was all I could do to contain these powerful energies. I felt I had suddenly dropped in vibration. Lots of anger and frustration came up and I had no idea why. OK, I had been triggered, but my reaction seemed to be way over the top.

Normally I am on a very even keel and enjoy a quiet, peaceful mind and calm emotional state. I have been on a huge spiritual journey for many years and had learned to weather storms with ease and grace.

But that did not happen this time. Something was different. Something more was going on.

When I first started my spiritual journey many years ago, I had somehow left behind the part of me that was really practical and grounded - the little, lower vibrational me. I had always wondered what happened to her. She was the one that really connected with earth and being human.  It was like a piece of my personality was gone. I was vaguely aware of this over the years but was enjoying the intuitive, synchronistic, higher vibrational ride I was on with great spiritual quests that took me all over the world.

Out of the blue this part came back! It's been almost 20 years and something triggered it. What a shock. Suddenly I felt completely different and this old me was furious (perhaps because I left her behind?). I felt my old behavioral patterns and personality re-emerge and my partner stated he didn't recognize me at all. Oh dear. I didn't seem to be able to calm myself down and made sure I stayed away from everyone as much as I could to sort it all out.

An intuitive friend of mine saw me later and noticed my aura had completely changed. He said I looked like a different person. I was.

So, what to do?

Whenever I felt strong emotions in the past I immediately stopped myself from reacting towards others (like I did when I was young) and took full responsibility for whatever was going on inside of me. I knew these were my trigger points and owned up to it.

These are the tools I discovered that enabled me to process my issues in the fastest, most effortless way:

  1. Don't resist. Allow the emotions to run their course staying as neutral as you can and just observe them. Don't attach to them for they are not who you really are. They are usually based on fear or anger while the real you is pure love. If you do resist they will continue and you end up giving your issues more power. 

  2. Don't make decisions in an emotional state. If you feel angry or frustrated you aren't able to think clearly. Wait until the emotional storm subsides and feel centered again to see if you still feel the same.

  3. Don't try to figure it out. This is an emotional issue. Using your mind will only get you tangled up with more thoughts and spin you out. Allow your mind to just observe the process. 

I gave myself as much space as possible to get my equilibrium back. I allowed myself to go on a deep inward journey and owned whatever I was going through. Even though I was triggered, it was not about the other person, it was about me.

I asked my intuition for clarity but found that with all the emotional and mental upheaval I couldn't really get in touch with my inner guidance. The only intuition I did eventually get was that 'clarity will come'.

It was a time to be patient and in a place of not knowing. Not so easy to do.

I didn't give much attention to all the thoughts swirling in my head and I knew not to communicate meaningfully with anyone when I didn't feel centered. I allowed the process to happen automatically in it's own time and knew all I had to do was just be.

Eventually my lower and higher vibrations merged and I became peaceful again. I love having this little  me back and am enjoying feeling more empowered and grounded.

Every aspect of us needs to be integrated for us to ascend.

Have you noticed you don't feel the same level of fear you used to? Do you feel somehow deep inside that everything will be OK for yourself and the world? There are new higher vibrational energies coming in that are lifting us from the lower dualistic densities we have had for many thousands of years.

We are becoming whole. We are like humpty dumpty being put together again!


  1. Hi Coletta! yes i have been feeling these crazy surges of energy too.. emotional, physical, mental.. its been a pretty big roller coaster for the past few months. i found myself just yesterday making a video teling myself that everything is going to be alright, that when i dont know what will happen next is one of the most intense and exciting feelings in the world, and that the universe will always take care of me so that there is no need to worry or fear. i like what u said about letting the crazy thoughts and emotions pass, trusting that clarity will come. life is so amazing, mysterious and beautiful.
    sending love to the most golden of bays.

    1. Thank you Ashley! It's great getting confirmation that we are not alone in all the confusing experiences.