Monday, 4 March 2013

Manifesting - 5 Basic Steps

Manifesting. Creating what you desire in your life. How do we do this?

We all have the ability to manifest our heart's desires. It is not difficult. We are the only ones that stand in the way of making it happen.

Many years ago I realized that our thoughts created our reality. I had never heard of this concept before but by observing a close friend of mine, I noticed he always ended up creating what he most feared in life. This had been happening to him for years and he felt very much like a victim. In my own life I had the opposite. I always seemed to manifest what I really wanted and had a habit of looking at life in a much more positive way. I found this all very interesting and started to become more aware of how it all worked.

By consciously practicing asking for what I really wanted, without the fear of it not happening, I discovered that our thoughts and feelings, really do create the life we desire.

One day, when I was preparing for a workshop I was giving on manifesting, I intuitively received the words 'there are five basic steps to manifesting'. On the morning of the workshop I suddenly woke up with these words in my head and immediately wrote them down. When I compared them to what I had written previously in my preparation notes, I noticed that everything was there but completely summarized by just these five basic steps:

The 5 Basic Steps to Manifesting:

1. Ask
Ask with your whole heart and soul. This is where your true power lies. You do not have to keep repeating what you are asking, the divine/your higher self is not deaf!

2. Let go of the asking

Once you have asked let it go. The manifestation is now set in motion. If you don't let go you are operating in fear. By letting go you allow what you have asked for to go out in the universe for the divine unfolding to begin. The how and when of what you are manifesting is done by the divine/your higher self.

Have you noticed that things always seem to come to you when you least expect it? This is because you had let go and were not trying to control how it would happen.

3. Allow yourself to receive

Be congruent with what you asked for and have the feeling 'of course'. Be really comfortable with the idea of what you are manifesting. You have dreamed of this so feel like this is normal for you. If you feel 'oh no this is much too good for me' then you will not allow yourself to receive it.

4. Receiving

The synchronistic unfolding of the manifestation has happened. What you have asked for is now coming to you. It usually happens in a way you didn't expect and when you least expected it. You had probably forgotten all about it. Recognize your manifestation and welcome it with open arms!

5. Gratefulness

Heartfelt gratitude to the divine for the manifestation. The cycle is now complete.

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