Wednesday, 27 November 2013

completing unfinished business

So many of us are suddenly getting the urge to travel, visit family and friends and reconnect.

So many of us are experiencing a sense of sadness and loss and feel confused.


Energetically there is a push for us to finish any issues that we haven't resolved yet to tie up loose ends. Our old blocked issues and emotions are now being released. These old thoughts and feelings that we resisted and locked away within us are being automatically purged. Anything that is resonating in a low vibration of fear is clearing out.

We may have unresolved issues with people in our lives and feel compelled to visit them or simply long to be with them at this time. This urge can be very profound.

Lots of powerful, uncomfortable emotions are coming up as well. Lots of old thoughts from the past may be suddenly swirling in our heads. Anything we haven't fully dealt with in our lives is coming up and requires our attention. We are looking for closure and a feeling of peace in our hearts, and are longing to do it now.

You may find old memories popping into your awareness - as if you are suddenly back in time re-living and reviewing parts of your life. Perhaps you are also experiencing thoughts of what would have happened if you had chosen a different path and are suddenly experiencing feelings of regret. These thoughts may be very unusual for you but these are not normal times.

Allow these thoughts and emotions to flow through you and out of you. Don't resist them or attach to them no matter how grief stricken or uncomfortable and insecure you may be feeling. These emotions are not who you really are! They are thoughts and feelings that were not dealt with fully at the time they occurred and were suppressed within you and are finally being released. It is all part of our transformation to vibrate higher in light and love (ascension) and these fearful, lower thoughts and feelings need to be cleared out.

Each of us is going through these huge magical changes on all levels; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. It is all inter-connected.

The best thing to do is relax and allow the process to happen as quickly and effortlessly as possible. There is nothing to try to figure out in each issue so just go with the flow and watch it all unfold. Do not detach from the experience but go deep within and stay in your center. This discomfort will pass. The entire process is happening automatically and is divinely orchestrated. We are being house-cleaned.

We are each in our own energetic cocoon and it is a time for deep self reflection. You may suddenly find yourself feeling self absorbed and triggered by people around you. Give yourself lots of space and alone time if you need it and know that this is essential for your growth.

Our vibration is going higher and higher - back to full consciousness to who we truly are. No one will be left behind. the earth and all her inhabitants are transforming together. During this amazing divine process we are all letting go of our old baggage and stuck feelings because we can't take this baggage with us. We are traveling light!

The Mayan calendar ended on December 21, 2012. This calendar was completed and now we are beginning a new phase. The earth is changing and we are changing with it. Heaven on earth is busily being created, but first the closets need to be cleaned out!

Our vibration is lifting daily. It has been a difficult, messy and emotional time for us all but the world around us is changing for the better. People are waking up to the lies and secrets of those who have had power over us and controlled us for a very, very long time. Decisions were made on a global scale that were not in our or earth's best interest and we allowed ourselves to be led to where we are today. This is changing.

People are waking up and taking back their power. As we purge and leave behind our negative vibration and old fears, the love and light that is our true essence will shine through. Each of us will know what to do in our heart and soul to assist in the earth's transformation to bring it back to it's pristine state.

How can a caterpillar know and understand what it is like to be a butterfly? It is the same for us. Allow this beautiful, magical, transformational time for nurturing yourself dreaming the dream of what we will become.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

we are becoming more self aware
It's been a very emotional roller coaster ride for many of us these last few months. Difficult times but also very exciting.

So many people are finding old issues coming up that they thought they had finished with. So many are suddenly having relationship problems when everything seemed fine before.  Emotions have been running high.

For me I was hit with a sudden wave of powerful emotions that completely threw off my equilibrium. Not only was my mind spinning out and chattering non-stop but my emotional body was all over the place as well. It was all I could do to contain these powerful energies. I felt I had suddenly dropped in vibration. Lots of anger and frustration came up and I had no idea why. OK, I had been triggered, but my reaction seemed to be way over the top.

Normally I am on a very even keel and enjoy a quiet, peaceful mind and calm emotional state. I have been on a huge spiritual journey for many years and had learned to weather storms with ease and grace.

But that did not happen this time. Something was different. Something more was going on.

When I first started my spiritual journey many years ago, I had somehow left behind the part of me that was really practical and grounded - the little, lower vibrational me. I had always wondered what happened to her. She was the one that really connected with earth and being human.  It was like a piece of my personality was gone. I was vaguely aware of this over the years but was enjoying the intuitive, synchronistic, higher vibrational ride I was on with great spiritual quests that took me all over the world.

Out of the blue this part came back! It's been almost 20 years and something triggered it. What a shock. Suddenly I felt completely different and this old me was furious (perhaps because I left her behind?). I felt my old behavioral patterns and personality re-emerge and my partner stated he didn't recognize me at all. Oh dear. I didn't seem to be able to calm myself down and made sure I stayed away from everyone as much as I could to sort it all out.

An intuitive friend of mine saw me later and noticed my aura had completely changed. He said I looked like a different person. I was.

So, what to do?

Whenever I felt strong emotions in the past I immediately stopped myself from reacting towards others (like I did when I was young) and took full responsibility for whatever was going on inside of me. I knew these were my trigger points and owned up to it.

These are the tools I discovered that enabled me to process my issues in the fastest, most effortless way:

  1. Don't resist. Allow the emotions to run their course staying as neutral as you can and just observe them. Don't attach to them for they are not who you really are. They are usually based on fear or anger while the real you is pure love. If you do resist they will continue and you end up giving your issues more power. 

  2. Don't make decisions in an emotional state. If you feel angry or frustrated you aren't able to think clearly. Wait until the emotional storm subsides and feel centered again to see if you still feel the same.

  3. Don't try to figure it out. This is an emotional issue. Using your mind will only get you tangled up with more thoughts and spin you out. Allow your mind to just observe the process. 

I gave myself as much space as possible to get my equilibrium back. I allowed myself to go on a deep inward journey and owned whatever I was going through. Even though I was triggered, it was not about the other person, it was about me.

I asked my intuition for clarity but found that with all the emotional and mental upheaval I couldn't really get in touch with my inner guidance. The only intuition I did eventually get was that 'clarity will come'.

It was a time to be patient and in a place of not knowing. Not so easy to do.

I didn't give much attention to all the thoughts swirling in my head and I knew not to communicate meaningfully with anyone when I didn't feel centered. I allowed the process to happen automatically in it's own time and knew all I had to do was just be.

Eventually my lower and higher vibrations merged and I became peaceful again. I love having this little  me back and am enjoying feeling more empowered and grounded.

Every aspect of us needs to be integrated for us to ascend.

Have you noticed you don't feel the same level of fear you used to? Do you feel somehow deep inside that everything will be OK for yourself and the world? There are new higher vibrational energies coming in that are lifting us from the lower dualistic densities we have had for many thousands of years.

We are becoming whole. We are like humpty dumpty being put together again!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

we are being rewired

It has been a very intense 'inward time' these last couple of weeks which felt very unfamiliar to me.

During this time there was so much I wanted to do, so many blog posts I felt inspired to write and workshops to organize, but some part in me went 'offline' and I could not do anything. Something deep inside me wanted to just be still, integrate and allow everything to flow.

The difficulty was one part of me felt energized and wanted to do things and another part was holding me back. A very confusing time for my mind.

When I intuitively asked for an insight as to what was happening, I received it. I was being guided to rest for a reason and found many others experiencing the same thing.

We are all transforming. With the higher vibrational energies coming in, our bodies are busy being upgraded. Our bodies need major repair work to not only become whole and healed again but go back to our original human design. From 2 stands of DNA to 12 strands. We are going from limited consciousness to fully conscious human beings.

When we install new software in our computers, we aren't able to use it while this is in process. Imagine upgrading a human system and still using it! That is exactly what is happening to us. Somehow we still have to prepare meals, drive, work, look after our children and do our normal day to day things. Quite unbelievable when you think about it.

Hang in there. It will all be worth it. We can't see how it will all work out especially when it seems everything is falling apart around us, but it will. Divine intervention is here and is busy intervening. Each of us came here to assist in some way and we will suddenly 'remember' and know what we have come here to do.

It's messy, painful and intense at the moment (wow, sounds just like giving birth!) but we are transitioning out of a very dark era of humanity and blasting forward to create heaven on earth. Choosing to come here to assist, at this incredibly difficult time, was a very brave decision on our part. What incredible stories, experiences, and wisdom we'll be able to share!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

One of the biggest life lessons I ever learned was to become 'comfortable with being uncomfortable'. I realized one day that I had been looking at some things in life completely the wrong way and it had affected me greatly.

We were sitting outside eating our lunch enjoying the fantastic view, when my partner suddenly said to me 'do you realize that you are not comfortable being uncomfortable?'

This stopped me in my tracks. We were discussing how I usually became drained whenever I helped others. His statement, once it sunk in, gave me a huge realization about myself.

All my life I wanted to 'help' people. I seemed to feel their pain. With my partner's observation about me I suddenly realized that their discomfort made me so uncomfortable that I was actually helping me by making them comfortable again!

Wow. This shook me to the core! It made me question my true motivations throughout my life. I had to sit with this for a bit and sort it all out.

Friday, 24 May 2013

The Magic of going into our Feelings

After my last post I was thinking 'finally, now I know how to stay in a great state!' Funny how life never seems to unfold like we think it will.

I woke up two days ago feeling very flat, totally uninspired and with no desire to do anything. Nothing I did seemed to alter how I felt. Not even baking something yummy, which usually works to uplift and inspire me.

This feeling was very familiar to me and I did not like it one bit. There was no reason I could think of why I would feel this way.

I couldn't get out of this state no matter how hard I tried so I just grabbed my computer and started writing. Normally, I have a strong idea of what I want to communicate, feel compelled to write and go from there. This time there was nothing in my mind at all.

I was really surprised what my fingers were typing. The answer was right there in front of me. Funny enough, I had this insight years ago but had totally forgotten it.

This is what I wrote:

When we allow ourselves to go to the depth of how we feel with no resistance, even if it makes us extremely uncomfortable, we end up going through a gateway. By fully allowing this quiet, deep, inward experience to happen we go through the entire feeling. At the other side of this gateway we feel completely different. We are left with a new perspective, wisdom and insight.

As I was writing this my mood suddenly lifted and bliss and excitement returned. I felt really alive again. I don't understand why I had this experience but am very happy that it enabled me to remember this again.

So often we want to pick and choose how we feel at any given moment as if we are choosing what clothes we want to wear. Life just isn't like that!

I had to remember that all feelings are important and potential gateways. They are there to guide and steer us in the direction we are meant to go. Feelings are the language of our soul.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Feeling Excited

Are you feeling the excitement in the air?

For just over a week I have felt a huge excitement building up inside of me. My life has not changed in any way externally but my feelings sense something new is happening. This excitement is very powerful and I feel a huge expansion within myself. Suddenly deep desires are opening up within my heart and soul that have been dormant for a very long time.

I am weaving in and out of this and when I don't feel it I just go deep inside and say 'feel excited' and am instantly centered again and the feeling is back.

I am not the only one experiencing this. So many people around me are feeling it too. Everything we have ever dreamed of suddenly seems possible. It feels as if a whole new world has opened up and we are no longer 'stuck'. We are free. Finally.

I am sensing strongly that we are leaving our old world behind and a new one is beginning. Images come to my mind that we are in the process of moving out of our old house. We are saying goodbye to this old place that has been our home for a very long time. Our new house is being prepared for us and we have brief glimpses of what a glorious place it is! We are in between the two. If we attach too much to the old house and the way we used to live it is very uncomfortable. Lots of dramas and emotions. Our intuition knows what is coming up ahead for all of us and the excitement is building.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

New Energies are in the Air

I am feeling a huge energetic wave right now that is taking us on a wild ride.

Can you feel it?

Lots of people are going through tremendous upheaval at the moment. So many people are leaving their bodies, relationships, jobs etc. So many emotions and fears are coming up - more than ever before.

We are all being raised vibrationally to such an extent that anything holding us back is being removed. Old patterns of behavior, insecurities, and fears that we may be holding on to are leaving us.  We do not have to do any processes. It is all happening effortlessly through divine intervention so just allow it to happen. If we cling to our old way of being the journey will be most uncomfortable!

If you or others are experiencing great pain or difficulty at this moment just go inside yourself and  consciously choose to stay in your centre to ride it out. Watch the emotions swirl around you but stay in the 'eye of the storm' to have it pass as quickly and comfortably as possible. Even those who choose to leave their bodies right now will continue on their journey. No one will be left behind in this ascension process.

Everyone has free will as to how they handle this period. Just focus on yourself and allow others to go through their transition in their own way. Love them and keep your heart open to them.  Don't react or go into fear if they are affecting you negatively, but do make strong boundaries. Love them from afar if you need to. This uncomfortable, turbulent time will pass.

This 'phase transition' will happen very quickly.

The world around us is very messy at the moment with so much pain and suffering. It seems to be particularly intense and over the top at this time. The old paradigm is thrashing around and in great upheaval and distress that it is losing its' power. It cannot survive this transition. The energy vibration of  duality is far too low.

Heaven on earth is what our hearts long for and that is what is being manifested!