Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Ease and Grace

Have you noticed how fast things are manifesting in our lives now? Any issues we thought we were done with, but perhaps needed a bit of tweaking, are suddenly full in our faces. So many people around me (especially ones who have been particularly stuck and didn't want to change) are finding their lives full of intense drama at the moment.

How we feel also seems to be on a huge roller coaster. One day we feel on top of the world and super charged up and the next day very low and out of sorts. This seems to be the norm right now for most people with all the new higher energies coming in. We are housecleaning.  There is nothing to process, just observe the pendulum swing of emotions as the old stuff leaves. These contractive, negative feelings are stuck issues and old patterns that are on a low vibrational level and cannot go into the higher vibrations. We are ascending with all our bodies: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual etc. This is such a huge, exciting transformation!

I do find it very challenging to stay centered in these turbulent energies but am practicing just 'going with the flow'. Just by my intention to remain peaceful, take it slow and not trying to understand it all helps. Our minds are always the last to know what is really going on but clarity does eventually come. The words I intuitively received in January were 'ease and grace' and that's what I am consciously practicing.

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