Sunday, 24 February 2013


Lately I am finding that my dreams are very powerful, bizarre and feel very real. I often still feel the effects of these dreams during the day which makes it very uncomfortable. So many changes are happening to us right now and this is all part of the new divine energies coming in to clean and purge the old, stuck issues.

Past moments of emotions frozen in time are finally being released. At the time we didn't know how to deal with our trauma but the new higher energies pouring in are allowing them to be healed. The vibrations of these stuck issues are too low and cannot ascend with us to this new, higher place of being. It is happening very quickly but slow enough for everyone to be able to handle it, barely. Everyone in the world is going through these energy changes. The grand shift of the ages is upon us!

My moods and emotions during the day also seems to swing from being very happy and creative and feeling more 'me' than ever to feeling frustrated and low. I am suddenly re-experiencing very old feelings from my past that I thought I had resolved long ago. It's eerie having these old states of mind. It's like time traveling to other times in my life then having it overlay this time period as well.

We are all housecleaning ourselves. Housecleaning is very messy while the closets are being pulled apart to be cleaned and tidied up. This is particularly wreaking havoc with our emotional bodies so it is important to recognize what is going on, not blaming others or ourselves and finding ways to allow the process to go quickly and smoothly without getting in the way.

Being aware of what is happening is the first step. To ease the process, take a bit of time out for ourself; go for a walk, meditate, be really kind and nurture yourself and do something that brings you joy and inspiration.

It is also important not to take on someone else's issues as your own. If someone around you is upset and frustrated do not get entangled in their emotions. It is theirs, not yours. If you are upset, go within and allow these feelings to pass. Remove yourself from others while this strong feeling wants to be released. It can all be done quietly and powerfully by staying in your center and just observing what is happening.

What works for me is writing about it, going for a walk by myself or even going for a drive in the car. Find your own unique way to nurture yourself through these strong emotions and recognize them for what they are.

Take full responsibility for your emotions. Own them, they are yours. Know we are free to choose how we deal with them. This can either be in a positive or negative way. It is up to us how fast or slow we transform into our new way of being. Dealing with them in a negative way will slow down the entire process and make it more difficult for us. It actually doesn't matter - we are all transforming whether we like it or not!

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