Thursday, 14 February 2013

Survival Mode

Many of our issues are coming up right now. Right in our faces. Our negative traits, inadequacies and insecurities are bubbling up. These traits are not who we really are but the by-product of having gone away from Source. Source/the Divine/God/etc. is ever expansive, total love and pure joy and we have been on a long journey away from this. We have been in contraction mode experiencing much fear and pain.

We have also been in survival mode for a very long time and have adapted and survived the best we could. Everyone has done that. Even the most evil (live spelled backwards) person on the planet has been incredibly damaged and is in survival mode. They have cut themselves off from the light and love of Source and have completely lost their way. They can't even remember what love and light would feel like anymore, or that it even exists.

We are all a part of the Divine/'All That Is' as a Divine aspect and were 'made in God's own image'. What an amazing gift! We have been on a long, long journey exploring and experiencing with total free will and allowed to go wherever we wanted, even away from love and light. It has made us incredibly rich with experiences but not very happy!

Everyone is scarred and damaged in some way. We are finding our way back to who we really are. We are not our issues or insecurities. They must fall away. Who we really are is love and light and pure expansiveness. This is what is happening to us right now - we have gone as far as possible away from Source and we've had enough. We want to go home. Everything that is not love and light is being dismantled and changed as we head back to our higher state of being.

If you look at yourself from an objective view, you will see that your issues and dysfunctional patterns of behavior are probably the result of patterns that are in your family as well, and your parents got that way from damaged upbringing from their parents! It goes on and on. This does not excuse the terrible behavior but merely points out the extenuating circumstances that made them that way. By viewing it like this we are able to stay more centered and not in judgmental mode. To judge means feeling you are right and they are wrong. There is a much bigger picture here.

As above, so below. As below, so above. Same, same. What we are seeing all around us in the microcosm is also in the macrocosm. Our families, our communities, countries and planet are all experiencing the same thing. We are one huge multi-cultural family living on planet earth which is our home. We're all living together and what each one does affects everyone else. No matter how small the action you do for yourself or another to bring love and joy affects us all. Just focusing on your own self, staying centered and as loving as possible while reserving judgement will help to uplift everyone in a huge way.

Through all these incredible journeys we have had so many experiences! So much has been learned and understood by having 'been there, done that'! The wisdom we have gained is immeasurable.

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